The Web Designer’s Idea Book

I just got my copy of Patrick McNeil’s excellent new book The Web Designer’s Idea Book. Patrick runs which if you haven’t checked it out is a deep, rich vein of design ideas from websites around the world. Patrick has categorized hundreds of sites based on theme, style and function on his site, which he has translated into print for his book.
I am lucky enough to have a screenshot of my humble, aging portfolio website featured on page 36 (itty-bitty, tucked away into the corner).
Thanks Patrick for including my site in your book, and for creating such an excellent design resource!

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netconnect cover illo

Here’s an illustration I recently completed for the cover of Library Journal’s “netconnect” magazine. The issue discussed how libraries are taking advantage of the latest in mobile technology to extend their resources and services to their visitors. Art direction by Irving Cumberbatch (who handily wins in the “Best Sounding Name – Art Director” category).

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Lost, and Found

This is an illo for The New York Times’ “The City” section. Eric Anthamatten’s essay is about the frequent and common disorientation than every New Yorker has felt when emerging from the subway, perhaps at an unfamiliar station, and not being able to situate themselves on the city grid. Art direction by Richard Weigand.
See more of my work for The New York Times.

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Miami Herald: Furniture Stores Feel Foreclosure Pain

This illo ran in this week’s Miami Herald on the cover of the Business Monday section. Apparently the usually brisk furniture market in Miami has been hit by the spate of home foreclosures, and is reeling from the downturn.
I always enjoy cramming a variety of colorful objects across a page. Art direction by Chris Melchiondo.
Click to see a larger version

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The Boy in the Bullpen

This is a piece I did for The New York Times this week. It is running in Sunday’s “The City” section (of the New York edition). The author Thomas R. Pryor waxes nostalgic about a day in 1961 when his father and uncles took him to see the Yankees play the Red Sox. One of his uncles knew Luis Arroyo, the pitcher, and the author got lifted over the fence to hang out in the bullpen, and was awestruck by the pinstriped giants. Art direction by the always agreeable Richard Weigand.
Click for a larger view
Read the Essay

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Skyline Drive

A quick sketch from my recent vacation at Keuka Lake in the Finger Lakes region in upstate New York.

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From an old sketchbook, Venice in March of 1997.

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An old sketch from a visit to the amazing town of Èze, France.

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The Bean

Sketching in Millennium Park, from my trip to Chicago back in April.

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