Watercolor Sketchbook

Recently broke out one of those watercolor sketchbooks that Moleskin make and did a few draintings (just made up that word) of Alaska using GoogleEarth as reference. Volcanoes in the Aleutian islands and the Kenai mountains, rendered with watercolor pencil.


On wood

I want to try painting something like this on wood, but as I just make painting on canvas, I did this draft to understand the effects that I can create and how to take advantage of all tones of wood…



…and so here it finally is! The whole of Never Been, all nine and a bit meters worth, online, for the whole world to see! So if you couldn’t make it to my solo show at Projekts MCR earlier this year, GO HERE NOW!!! I want to say a massive huge thank you to my genius graphic designer brother, Adam Kolakovic, for figuring out a way to get this all online for me! He’s the most rippingest designer in town!


Folky folky

This is an image I made for a small edition art book that collects together a bunch of cool artists from all over the world that are influenced by eastern european aesthetics/folk lore. The image itself is based on an idea I’ve got floating around my head about a florist and his wife. More soon when the book is available…


Skateboard Lamp

This is just kind of an unfinished prototype, but I figured I’d put it up and see if anyone had any suggestions. Right now it’s a “floor lamp”, but I’m thinking it might get bigger and evolve into a chandelier.

A long time ago a friend of mine made fun of me for having a skateboard, because I didn’t use it that much (not that coordinated). He’d come over and it’d just be sitting there. Eventually, it turned into a running gag. He’d ask how the skateboarding was coming…. and then he went all the way and said I should just make a lamp out of it. So, I’m stealing his idea.


Know this feeling?

This is one from the dusty depths of the archives…The blur on the boot is a bit too much, but I had just discovered Photoshop (version 2.5 if I am not mistaken), and it looked good enough to me on my grayscale PowerBook 165 at the time.

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Zany Lawn



Revenge of the Decrepit Shark

I made this pattern to use as texture and background for this year’s siren illustration which I just completed. The sea hag of my dreams makes an appearance in up there. Congrats also to my fellow invisibleman and invisiblewomen as this marks our 600th post.







I’ve been working on this comic for an anthology—hopefully I’ll be done soon!