Work in Progress

tennis-stepbystep.gifI’m working on this illustration right now, and I though I’d show a few frames of how it is evolving. I always loved reading Step by Step Graphics magazine, and I feel that tutorials are really one of the best ways to learn. I plan on doing some more in-depth tutorial stuff in the near future….I’ll update this animated gif with a new frame when I complete it, which should be very soon…
In other news, The Lambkins, (my first book cover) is now on store shelves.
UPDATE: I have added the final frame.



Recent sketching from the subway, on an airplane, east river park and robert moses beach.




Re: A Guide to Reproduction

re-sample.jpgI found this guide to reproduction online a few years ago, and I was glad to see that it’s authors have kept it up to date. Written by Ron Rege Jr, Dave Choe, Brian Ralph and Jordan Crane, this handy guide is described as “A Primer on Xerography, Silkscreening and Offset Printing”.
Print this out and keep it in your studio, as it will come in very handy one day. It has a great listing of specific brands of materials they recommend for each type of reproduction as well as where to order them from. I am gearing up for a super-secret Invisibleman project involving one of the aforementioned forms of reproduction, and no doubt this guide will be referred to frequently!

Link: Re: A Guide to Reproduction (PDF) 3.7mb




Calexico at Castle Clinton

Wow. Everything just came together for this show. The weather was perfect, Sam Beam of Iron & Wine was a surprise guest, we had amazing seats and the show was FREE!!! Fellow invisbleman Kurt joined Julie and I for this rockin’ show. Kurt’s camera is a bit nicer than mine, so I’ll just post the above image…
If you haven’t heard Calexico before, listen to some samples in iTunes.


The Babymaker

BABYMAKER This unfortunately shaped inflatable jungle gym contraption was spewing out children at an apple-picking farm in the Catskills last fall.


Proposed Sign for Ground Zero

I work down at the World Financial Center. I walk past Ground Zero on the way to the office. It’s a pretty antiseptic desolate stretch of concrete on the south side of the pit.
Each day throngs of tourists pour through there taking their pictures in front of…nothing. I understand why they come to see it. But they come and walk through this corridor desperate for some scratch of tribute, some artifact of sympathy. There’s almost nothing there. A few keychain lanyards, a few old photos duct taped to the wall, and scattered about…some crappy high school poetry. And this is what the tourists deem picture worthy.
To be clear, I am not poking fun at the grieving teen who may write said poetry. I am just commenting on the absurdity of taking a picture of it. The good news is that the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation just announced plans to open a “Tribute Visitor’s Center” next to the firehouse on Liberty Street. I think this will go a long way in giving these people something worth seeing.


Star Wars in Japan

This isn’t technically MY post, but the first by none other than Our Man in Japan, George Guida. George and I went to high school togteher and shared countless hours speculating on who would play Wolverine if they ever made an X-Men film, and discussing the finer points of Nicholas Hammond’s acting in the live action Spiderman TV show from the 70’s. We also made an ambitious film of our own (more on that later).

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snowboard graphics

It is both my personal and professional opinion that the snowboard may be mankind’s greatest invention. My brother Phil owned a Snurfer back in the mid-eighties and we used to bomb the woods behind my parents house when there were 2 inches of snow on the ground. So as a tribute to the snurfer, the new INVISIBLE MAN redesign (thanks Jon) and my ongoing obsession with sharks and waves… I present the graphics I would put on a snowboard if someone were to hire me to do such a thing.