Time Out Chicago: Life after Second City

This article for Time Out Chicago by Jason A. Heidemann was part of a package looking back at the history of Chicago’s Second City legendary comedy ensemble as it celebrates it’s 50th anniversary this year. While many of the group’s alumni have gone on to become legends of comedy, just as many went on to live less famous lives (This is a slightly different version than the one that ran in the magazine). Art direction by Mike Novak.
Click on the above image for a larger view.
You can see more of my work for Time Out Chicago here.

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Forest Lair

We’re deep into autumn now so naturally my mind starts to linger on the ideas of Joseph Campbell, Hobbits, strong ales, falling leaves and the forest lairs of folkloric creatures. This drawing came out of the sketchbook and was finished off in photoshop and sorta captures my mood as of late.


Sierra Mountains

I recently came along a 1972 Time-Life book entitled ‘The High Sierra’ while perusing a local junk shop. Among the many great images and graphics within is an amazing photo of Mount Whitney and the Alabama hills within Sequoia National Park. I did a quick pen drawing in my sketchbook and the illo’s above were derived from that sketch.


Fading Bolts

This was a commission from a guy who was interested in a winter scene
for his home upstate. It is sand and enamel on canvas 24″x 36.”


Milton Glaser Draws and Drops Knowledge



College Football Crybabies

The above illustration was for a Wall Street Journal interactive about how fan’s of winning teams still have a tendency to weep about their fortunes. A fun illo, especially incorporating the team mascots.
After a few months of settling in here I’d like to announce the opening of the Sacramento Office of InvisibleMan. It’s nice to be toiling away in the pleasant climes of northern California. Below is a photomerge of the InvisibleManCave: