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As you can see, these sketches were produced a year ago this week. I like them quite a bit and enjoyed making them. To honor the anniversary of their creation I am posting them here hoping they will serve as motivational and graphical kick in the ass to create more.



Playing around with some logos… the fat cats at Invisible Man HQ are always clamoring for brand identification.
In an unrelated note, the Diane Arbus show at the Met comes highly recommended from those aforementioned honchos.


Marrying a Jedi

I made this illo for my cousin Ethan’s wedding invitation. The reflection in the water is drawn from a photo they’d sent me of them as snuggling 5 year olds. They live in Colorado and Libby is related to Mark Hamill — you read that right – Luke Skywalker himself. It’s high time an Antonson wed into intergalactic royalty.


Subway postcard

PA, you have beat me to the blog…Not for long old friend…Well I spent a lot of time on this, but now it’s done. I’m eager to send this out, as it has been a while since I carpet-bombed all ofthe Art Directors of this fair city. INCOMING! Now I have to shoot this file off to good old Modern Postcard, where they will print, label AND stamp my cards for me (using my Adbase maling list of course), saving me much hassle!


Siren 5

Yes! I’ve beaten Jon Keegan to the post (I’ve garnered information that he’s finished an illo and will also be posting). Anyway – here’s the illo for this years Siren Music Festival. click the image for a larger view.

I was full of dread the whole time I worked on this… never felt like it was going to work out. Luckily the radio program ‘This American Life’ kept me going – truly an outstanding show… Check it:


Jury Duty Drawings


I too had the honor of serving as a juror this week, and I was excited for the drawing opportunities. It’s hard to find a place where there are a good mix of people sitting around bored for long periods of time. College was full of spots like this, but now you must turn to coffee shops, airports and places like the Brooklyn Supreme Court Building. During lunch, I walked down Monatgue Street to the promenade.


Art School Confidential

Now that “Sin City” is finally in cinemas nationwide, we need another comic to nervously await adaption to the big screen. I offer “Art School Confidential” to be directed by Terry Zwigoff based on Dan Clowes’ comic “Eightball.” The film comes out in September.

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