Sea Monster plates, tiles and bowls.

Here’s a few bowls from this summer’s class.

I did all the paintings, my wife Naomi made the bowls.

I’m working on a book of Sea Monsters…  Politicians who have said stupid things about the gulf oil spill


Sea monster series ceramic bowls, Roger De Muth

Ceramic bowl, sea monster series.

It’s summer, and I’ve taken a ceramics class each year for the past few years. This is the start of the Sea Monster series.  To see the rest of the bowls, please visit my blog:


Watercolor Painting of McSorley’s Ale House

This is a painting I just finished of Mc Sorley’s Ale House in New York.  It’s one of my favorite places. I spent quite a bit of time there, when I went to school in Rochester at RIT.   I know, it was a long commute, and as John Belushi said in animal house,  “7 years of college, down the drain.”

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Inked drawings for Italian Sketchbook

Here are a few inked sketches I did on my trip to Italy. Most are from reference photos that I shot, although a couple are from life. I shot 7800 composite photos in 2 weeks just in case. I save time by shooting from the hip and it doesn’t disturb the locals. I’m trying to do a new blurb sketch book of images from Italy. It’s a challenge to do a 100 paintings for a book. Stay tuned.


Mr Panoramaman photo of The Florian Cafe, Venice

Here’s a composite shot of the interior of the Florian Cafe. We were there a couple of weeks ago when no one else was. I had the whole place to myself to shoot for a few minutes. It’s across from the Doge’s palace and just down the arcade a bit. After 3 or 4 cups of expresso a day, you don’t have to sleep anymore and are invincible…. kinda.
I recommend.


Nantucket Sketchbook by Roger De Muth

Cover-layout-flat.jpg Here’s a new book I just finished and online at . I love blurb and you can do an on demand book in just a week. Quality is excellent, and both the hardbound and soft cover are excellent. Not cheap, but good. Works for me. Take a look:


Series of Water Color & Ink Paintings of Nantucket/ Sconset

I’ve been working on a series of 32 water color paintings and now about half way through the series. I do a tight pencil sketch, then ink the drawing with waterproof sepia ink, then do the painting over everything. Take a look at the series when you get a chance.


Dinner for Eight Title page, New Book by Roger De Muth

Here’s the title page and cover from my newest book – Dinner for Eight.


My newest book- Dinner for Eight!

Here’s the cover from my newest book “Dinner for Eight”.
It’s about an Octopus’s Dinner Party.
Let me know if you would like an auto-graphed copy.
It takes my car awhile to sign them. Ha, Ha….


Dead Squirrel water color kit.

Here’s a detail of my “Dead Squirrel Water Color Kit” from my summer ceramics class. Brushes rest on the top of each of the upended feet. There’s nothing like a dead squirrel to warm the heart is there?