São Paulo

A sketchbook experiment with casein and pencil. The image originated from a New York Times T Magazine article entitled “São Paulo’s Concrete Jungle.” Click on it to view the sketch even larger than its original size of 6.5″ x 8.5″.


Sneaky peek at my latest comic

Here’s a page from a comic I’m working on at the moment about two brothers growing up in Serbia during WWII. Don’t hold your breath though- it might be a wee while before it finds way out into the paper world. A serbian newspaper called “Vesti” found out about the way my Serbian heritage has shaped my work and featured an article about me last week. The only problem is, I cant read it because I can’t read or write Serbian- doh.


Eat my shorts and buy my book

Another illo for the Publisher’s Weekly “Soapbox” column. This installment was a funny editorial was written by Mike Reiss, who has been a writer for The Simpsons for nineteen years. In an effort to reach kids with a different message than he does on TV, Mike has published eight children’s books, and enjoys the freedom of being the sole storyteller. But he doesn’t do it for the money:

“To earn what I make as a TV writer, I’d have to publish a children’s book every four hours.”

Money isn’t everything though…but Homer Simpson has weighed in on this:

“Bart, with $10,000, we’d be millionaires! We could buy all kinds of useful things like…love!”

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Water Slide

There’s been a growing number of creepy incidents at Walt Disney World. People have been smuggling in their loved ones’ remains and sprinkling the ashes on their favorite rides. It’s actually become a big problem. I’ve been enjoying taking more pics with my cell phone. This one is from a television ad for the theme park.



Yesterday I started creating my own letter type…till now, I only created from “A” to “F” but I also intent to create the numbers and symbols like “! @ # $”, somethings like this…


Selected Sketches

Selected pages from an old sketchbook. Click on each to view an entire image.


More Prints for Sale!

More new framed work for sale at my online shop. This here print illustrates a slavic female weather demon “Ala”- bad tempered monsters whose main purpose is to destroy crops. They are rumoured to eat children which they would gobble up with huge wooden spoons! A given ala may look like a black wind, a gigantic creature of indistinct form, an old lady or a bird like a raven or a crow. Eagles, however, are regarded as defenders against Ale, chasing them away from fields and thus preventing them from bringing hail clouds overhead. A 9.25″x9.25″” high quality laser print on 200gsm card presented in a white wooden frame (11.5″x11.5″x0.5″), signed and numbered on back of print, a limited edition of Ten prints… only $15.00. C’mon over and see if there’s any other prints that tickle your fancy…


Elephant Parade 2008



Ndebele healer

This is a photo of a Ndebele traditional healer from the National Archives of Zimbabwe. When I was visiting there back in 1998 we visited the archives and were able to order reprints of old photos from their amazing catalog of images. We paid a small fee, filled out some paperwork and several months later this and a few other pictures surprised me when they showed up in my mailbox.

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I'm Lovin' It


(Brooklyn, that is.) Why? Because only here could this exist nowhere near a McDonald’s.