Air Fresheners

Convenience stores have always been a place of influence for me. The quick and easy, they show our transient lives. Our shortened appetites for relief.


Tina’s House






Oak Tree, Joan Green’s Garden

I shot 1500 pictures of Joan Green’s Garden recently for a book project I’ve been working on. This is an oak on her property. I stole the neighbors views to shoot this image. It’s a composite photograph made up of dozens of images stitched together.
The garden is incredible, and was recently on the Open Days Garden Conservancy tour along with my own garden. She sets a new standard in garden care.
Try this when you get a chance: Photoshop CS3> file> automate> photomerge , you’ll like it. It changed the way I shoot photos. Take a look:


Drip Stop

Illustration by Peter Arkle.
This week my Invisible Woman, Corrie Pikul, wrote a piece called Drip Stop for New York Magazine. In it, she tests and reports on the latest array of sweat prevention tools. If perspiration is problem for you, please peruse.
Corrie’s report received a wonderful full page treatment including the eye-catching illustration by Peter Arkle seen above. You can see more of Peter’s work on his website:
“Small world” side note: Peter happens to be the husband of an editor at ELLE magazine, where Corrie works full-time!


Climbing Wall



Beards and fun and whatnot

Week of the zines:
An image for the folks at who are doing a ‘zine about “Facial Hair”.
An image for a zine put together by some Kingston students called “This is it”. This is for the “Fun” themed issue. I can’t think of anything more fun than flying a kite whilst wearing a bear skin.
I’m also featured in issue five of Document’s +1 magazine. You can pick it up for free at hip and with it boutiques or download it as a PDF zine from .


Blank Slate Comics

I’m extremely happy to announce that I will be working on a new separate comic book that will (eventually) be published by Blankslate Books. Blankslate is a new independent publisher set up by Kenny Penman and James Hamilton, founders of Forbidden Planet international. At the moment I’m still bouncing around some ideas and have just started to sketch to get a feel for how I want to tell the story. I plan to start working on finished artwork by the beginning of September. In the meantime, go check out the Blankslate blog for it’s imminent publishing schedule- they’ve got some rad stuff planned…




From an old sketchbook, Venice in March of 1997.

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