The Brooklyn Bridges Card Set

As some of you already know, I got married on September 19th in DUMBO, Brooklyn. The entire experience was incredibly fun! As wedding favors, Corrie and I created a set of cards of my original drawings of the four bridges to Brooklyn. The positive responses we received have inspired me to offer a “commercial” set for sale on Etsy.
You can see them here: The Brooklyn Bridges Card Set on Etsy.

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Horse Sculpture

A few months ago I’d had started this drawing for my ‘Cabinet of Curiosity’ project and had completed about 75% of it. I was working on it right up until my wedding/honeymoon/move-to-California and had pretty much forgotten about it by the time we got set up and running out here. I had also given it a bland filename which wasn’t helping jog the memory. But I stumbled across it the other day and put a polish on it.
I’d initially had a different object atop the pedestal (a wooly mammoth with a castle-saddle) but it wasn’t really working for me. So instead I worked up this horse sculpture which I had sketched while viewing a show of ancient Chinese art within the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2005: