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Presidential Range Sketching

A few week back my three older brother and I hiked across the stunning Presidential Range in New Hampshire staying in the AMC huts along the way. The sketchbook drawings above were done in the Lakes of the Clouds common room overlooking the Ammonoosuc Ravine. Each summer my brothers and I try to gather in a nice outdoor location for an ‘Art Lodge’ in which we begin paintings and drawings and pass them around until each has taken a turn (these will be seen in a future post). Below brothers Phil, James and Stephen take their turns:

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From an old sketchbook, Venice in March of 1997.

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An old sketch from a visit to the amazing town of Èze, France.

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Sketching An Event Part


Last week I was lucky enough to attend the inspiring “An Event Apart” conference up in Boston. If you are a web designer / coder and don’t read the invaluable A List Apart website (which created the annual multi-city conference), start today. Lots of great talk about CSS, Javascript and web design issues.
Luckily for me, this means two days of near-motionless models to draw in my sketchbook from a row in the back of the room. The models did a great job, holding their hour-long poses with a minimum of fidgeting. Thank you An Event Apart attendees, for allowing me to draw your bald heads and wrinkled shirts.
Believe it or not, the act of sketching lets me focus more on what is being said, and I do believe the ideas ‘take’ better than if I was just sitting staring at a tiny person on a stage.

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North South Lake

It has been just shy of a year since the intrepid members of the Invisibleman Exploration Committee first surveyed the wilds of the magnificent Escarpment Trail in the Catskills. After a thorough examination of the flora and fauna, we declared it safe enough to bring our significant others along, and this past weekend we had a delightful (but HOT) weekend of hiking and camping, based at the North South Lake Campgrounds.
These are two small ‘thumbscapes’ I did while being consumed by gnats and black flies.
Posts from last year’s trip:

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Not-recent sketch


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space couple


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Bearded Brute


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High Mountain Huts

Last week my girlfriend and I hiked a healthy portion of the Appalachian Trail within the Presidential Range of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. We took advantage of the High Mountain Hut System the AMC runs up there. Our hike was incredible. After an initially dreary hike-in day, we enjoyed “the best weather of season” according to the locals. In total we spent 3 nights in the huts, 4 days on the trail.
I’ve created a web gallery of our pics. Several of you IM contributors will recognize the sites: still beautiful, awesome and amazing. (And the huts only make ’em better!)
As the sheer number of pictures will attest, Corrie and I took our time getting from hut to hut. That left very little free-time for stationary sketching. Fortunately I did fit in some painting on the shores of Squam Lake prior and did draw the kitchen accoutrements with the Madison Hut, as seen below.

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