Choice Bits

Lesson learned: You have to find all the little bits you love to do in an illo, and then do pieces with nothing but those parts. That’s the plan at least.


to and fro okemo

Documentation of a day trip to and fro okemo vermont (departure time 4:30am). The return trip was in the midst of an intense blizzard. A sign on one of the chairlift stations said “Ride it like you stole it”. That about sums it up.


stream of consciousness sketching

Inspired by Jon Keegan’s ‘Barely Conscious Drawing’ post from below… the red pencil is getting more playing time as of late.


Save Loomis

I seem to remember coming across this on the web years ago, but there is a movement to preserve the out of print drawing instruction books created by illustrator Andrew loomis. This website has the entirety of several of his books scanned in for your browsing. Some very good core-drawing skills, ala How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way.


Craig Mullins

Man. I have been a HUGE fan of Craig Mullins’ artwork since I first played Marathon, the classic FPS on my Mac back in college. He did all of the most influential cocnept art for Bungie’s games. His website is a must-see, loaded with his amazing digital paintings. I haven’t seen a whole lot of illustrators’ tutorials around recently, which I think is a shame, since they are so valuable. I found a few tutorials Craig Mullins did on the web, and they are fascinating:


George Orwell sketch

I wanted to draw a portrait this weekend and Mr. Orwell seemed an appropriate choice.


More photoshop/sketch work


Some more tests using photoshop to color the scans of my sketches.


Barely Conscious Drawings

Been doing a lot of drawings in my small Moleskine sketchbook on the subway, as I enforce a strict No-New York Times rule (limited to the paper edition), for the time being.