Inked drawings for Italian Sketchbook

Here are a few inked sketches I did on my trip to Italy. Most are from reference photos that I shot, although a couple are from life. I shot 7800 composite photos in 2 weeks just in case. I save time by shooting from the hip and it doesn’t disturb the locals. I’m trying to do a new blurb sketch book of images from Italy. It’s a challenge to do a 100 paintings for a book. Stay tuned.


Mr Panoramaman photo of The Florian Cafe, Venice

Here’s a composite shot of the interior of the Florian Cafe. We were there a couple of weeks ago when no one else was. I had the whole place to myself to shoot for a few minutes. It’s across from the Doge’s palace and just down the arcade a bit. After 3 or 4 cups of expresso a day, you don’t have to sleep anymore and are invincible…. kinda.
I recommend.