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This was taken in Harlem.


Ant Edna Takes a Vacation book concept

This is a character and book concept that I recently developed. When you get a chance please visit http://www.antedna.com and drop me a note. Isn’t Edna pretty?
Roger De Muth


Drawings of Sculptures, Part 2

This image started with the background in which I was going for a ‘surface of the Death Star’ type of look in photoshop. Then I thought to rework some sketchbook drawings of a Joel Shapiro sculpture and in the end they seemed to have a lumbering-robot feel about them which worked well with my Death Star theme.




Panel from a two-page comic I just finished for Mome. The book will be out in the spring!


And Thus It Begins

In less than two weeks the snowboarding season opens for those of us who reside on the east-coast – and I am damn excited for it. The drawing above was initially just a quick drawing in the sketchbook which I then scanned, augmented with a sharpie-drawn background and gave it the whole photoshop treatment. More than ever I’ve enjoyed rendering our elusive Yeti brethren and for some reason they seemed an appropriate addition to the lone operator of the shred-sled.
If you are in need of some additional snow-stoke (and who isn’t?) I would recommend downloading the very awesome and very free snowboarding film ‘Pony Tale’ by the fine folks of Actionhorse Films. It’s quite good – especially the Utah backcountry section.


Interview with Stuart Kolakovic (Audio)

You need the latest version of Flash to hear this audio clip.

I’m teaching my first illustration class at Pratt Institute’s Associate Degree Program this fall, and I’m having a fun time trying to get my students excited about the illustration biz.
One of the things I knew I wanted to do right away, was to arrange some video chat interviews with illustrators in their studios. Our own Stuart Kolakovic was my first willing guinea pig, and agreed to be interviewed over Skype.
I was able to record the audio of the interview on my iPhone, but I do apologize for the crummy quality. I cleaned it up some, so it’s decent enough to hear everything. Please ignore my honking guffaws, which are way too loud. I pledge to use higher production quality next time.
Thanks for helping me out Stu!

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