Ashley Wood

141.jpgI’ve been seriously out of touch with the comics world over the past decade or so, and every once and a while I’ll stop in a comics shop to see what’s going on in the painted graphic novel world that Kent Williams / Jon J. Muth / Sienkiewicz et al helped make huge. Ashley Wood seems to be the current rockstar of late, and there’s a lot that I really, really dig on his site. Would love to see more about his process. Looks like a very cool intersection of handmade work with nice digital touches…


My current paper of choice…

ARCHES.jpgArche’s Aquarelle hot-pressed watercolor blocks are my current favorite paper to work on. The glued-around-the edges block is very handy, saoks up the paint just right and takes pencil very well to boot. Always good to have many blocks of this lying around. I use the 12″ x 16″ 140lb the most.


Keegan reporting for duty

previewJK.jpgI can’t wait for better paper in my sketchbooks…the water color just sits there…ugh.



Some recent excerpts from the Moleskin sketchbook.