Mr Panoramaman photo of Cazenovia, NY

I’ve been shooting Panorama photos for a number of years but have never had more fun than the new stitching factor in Photoshop CS3. In fact, it has taken over my life.
I try to go out every day and shoot.
There are some drawbacks with storage, cameras, printing etc. but most have been overcome. I have 13 terrabytes of storage here in the studio and more CF flash cards than most Best Buy Stores.
If you haven’t tried it yet, try this: CS3 photoshop> File> Automate> photomerge> choose open files> Voila!
Then I tone map the images using Photomatix to bring out the lights and darks a bit more.
Take a look at
The long image above is about 48 inches wide and nearly a gig in size. It’s made up of 34 individual photos.


New Year’s Eve over the years

Here’s an illustration for The New York Times Sunday regional editions. As another new year begins, a grandmother reflects upon her past New Year’s Eves and how they changed as her family grew. Art direction by the gracious Richard Weigand. Happy New Years everyone!

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Xmas Cards!

Have a good ‘un!


The Sunday Telegraph

An image for a short folksy xmas story that appeared in today’s Seven Magazine, a supplement with The Sunday Telegraph.


Badges Round Two

The second set in an ongoing series of 25mm badges is now available from my Etsy Shop. The four badges come packaged in a lavish full colour double sided printed blister pack and runs as a limited edition of 100. Only $6.00. whatwhat.


The Fray T-shirt Graphic

T-shirt graphic for “The Fray” on their latest North American tour.


Limited edition skating planks for sale!!!

Ok- I’ve been out the invisibleman loop for a wee bit too long, so I’m gonna post a bunch of recent stuff that I’ve been up to. First up, Get a hold of one of these limited edition (only 19 printed), hand shaped, five colour Old school Slalom skateboards! Each one is printed on top quality 11 Ply Canadian Birchwood, and the top graphic is surrounded by a handcut vintage style grip job. They’re available to buy without tucks or wheels from my etsy shop for only $75.
Let her rip. Hang ten.


Pine Cone

Oil on panel pine cone, 8×10 inches.
Season Greetings and Happy Holidays everyone!


Oak Tree and Brick Wall



Finished Adirondack Gazebo with fresh snow.

Well here’s the finished gazebo that my helper and I finished a few weeks ago. It’s made of Cedar, so it will last a long long time. We built the roof of Cedar too.
We made a couple of test arbors to figure out the joining of the logs and cut everything with a band saw. After awhile we were able to “guess” the angles and rough test fit the logs together. Then retrim the logs to fit.
In the spring, I plan to put the rest of the trees in and the vines on the arbors and trellises. My goal is to get the property to look more like a park. Besides, it’s a good hobby working in the fireswamp. I’m going to start work on large R.O.U.S.’s made out of topiary next. ( Rodents of unusual size.) Stay tuned.
This photo is made of 4 photos stitched together, then tone mapped in Photomatix.