lucha del gato

A birthday drawing for my girlfriend Kristina.


NYT: Suburban Heart of Darkness

This illo will be in this Sunday’s New York Times on September 24th, 2006. The story is about how most people’s garages are dark, scary places full of the tools of yard work and labor, rarely resembling the brightly light neat workspaces shown in catalogs.
See more of my work for the Times here.



a photo from a $.99 store. I’ve always thought that these places were worth something pictorially.


Whiteface Over Lake Placid

Congratulations to our good friends Susannah and Mike Italiano who got married up Lake Placid, NY this weekend. My wife and I spent an amazing weekend with them up at the fabulous Lake Placid Lodge with the above jaw-dropping view out of our lakeside cabin window. The weather was perfect and the leaves were just starting to change, and it reminded me of how much I love this part of the Adirondacks. Click below for another sketch of a cool birch tree on the lake.

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Wall Street Journal Online illos

A collection of some of the recent economic forecast illustrations I’ve done for – note the recurring housing theme.


Hedge Fence

This is a painting from an ongoing suburbia series. This is an earlier one. Lately I’ve been interested in entertainment, like trampolines, playgrounds or swimming pools.





silkscreen sunday

yesterday was fun. it was nice to finally meet everyone. maybe next time maybe more creation/less production… but all in all a fun and productive day! we must plan another one. 🙂


drawn on the subway

Sights from the #1 and F trains.



wow – 5 minutes past midnight… that’s cutting it close! here is my illustration for “SAFE” – this (past) weeks illustration friday. i wanted to work in b/w, and for obvious reasons, i have new york on my mind this week. five years went by so quickly… i miss you nyc.