Billboard At Night



Transparent Self Portrait, Study #1


This is a quick study I did for a larger piece. It is silk screen on mulitple layers of jewel cases. The dark parts are clear with the wall showing through and the light parts are opaque white. Truly a difficult thing to document. Click on the image to see multiple angles.

I guess, unconsciously, I was trying to land somewhere between the photographic portraits of Rodin and the imagery of Jamie Reid. And no, I’m not Jo Jo, the dog faced boy. But at one point, I had a rather large beard.


Red Mountains

A drawing in the sketchbook made of the mountains of northwest Montana as seen through Google Earth.


Another Potential Painting

This is a casein sketch of another potential painting based on a photograph taken by Jen Judge and torn from Outside magazine. My intention with this image along with the ones from a previous post is to eventually lose recognition of the source image, creating a final image that is more abstract and pattern oriented. Inspiration for this experiment can be found in the images of Shawn Dulaney or Kevin Kearns.
Currently I have three of these images down on oil primed wood panels. Once their under layers are dry I intend on going at them with sandpaper, glazes, scumbles, whatever seems interesting. Results may vary.


Experiment 09.27.07

One of my favorite things about this website, is that when it’s my day to post, and I don’t have anything lying around that’s obviously post-worthy, it forces me into the lab to play around and experiment…I don’t do it enough, but it always leads to interesting things (though not necessarily this piece).


who wants cake?

so i recently got engaged (yay!) and am slowly entering into the crazy/bizarre world of planning a wedding. so, that being said… anyone want some wedding cake?


Light Slice




nydia.jpgspent the weekend down in DC and visited the National Gallery which is one of my favorite museums. it’s chuck full of masterpieces; the main rooms are all lit with natural light; and there’s a beautiful austerity to how the art is displayed. this is a photo that i took of Randolph Rogers’s marble statue entitled “Nydia, the Blind Girl of Pompeii”. carved in 1860. photography of a museum’s general collection is usually permitted. it’s the travelling shows that prohibit photographs.


Invisible Man Hook Rug

Roll over the image to see it glow. There is no Photoshop trickery here. The first image was taken with the lights on (duh) and the second with a long exposure in the dark.

This project was therapeutic at first, and eventually became something I had to force myself to finish. Kind of like running a yarn marathon.

It’s approximately 48 x 48 inches. Rug “resolution” is about 25 ypi (yarns per inch), so it had to be big to show detail in the image.

I became intrigued with the idea of this type of imagery colliding with a clean home furnishing item. And, I guess I threw in some childhood nostalgia for good measure. The glow-in-the-dark (anyone else have glow-in-the-dark boxes for your baby teeth?), the skull (raised on punk rock) and shag rugs (the 70’s) all remind me of when I was a kid. Why not jam them all together?


Summer Sky

This a long exposure of the summer sky looking northeast. The Summer Constellations are the 17 constellations that fall between June and August. Some of the more famous ones are part of this group, including Sagittarius, Cygnus, Lyra, and Aquarius. This was taken from Long Island.