Wedding Invitations

This past May my sweetie Kristina and I tied the knot in the Hudson Valley north of New York City where we were living. We’ve since relocated into the chillness of northern California. The wedding was an amazing time and a wonderful way to wrap up our 10 years in the city. Below is the invitation I designed and illustrated. It was a fun challenge to create the illo in such a way that it would align in the middle of the gatefold.


Camo Heart Collage

I’ve been doing some one inch square grid collages lately. It helps me to be more precise in making art. Gotta love it!


more iPhone sketch movies

Here’s two more time-lapse sketches I created on my iPhone using the fabulous Brushes app. One more after the jump…

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Dead Squirrel water color kit.

Here’s a detail of my “Dead Squirrel Water Color Kit” from my summer ceramics class. Brushes rest on the top of each of the upended feet. There’s nothing like a dead squirrel to warm the heart is there?


Results from my summer ceramics class

Whenever I take a ceramics class I don’t do anything else. Here’s one of 2 tables of work that I completed during my 6 week class. I worked everyday for as long as I could without passing out. In the foreground are a couple of “Dead squirrel water color kits”.
The brushes rest between the upended feet. Most students complete about 6 to 8 pieces during the class. I worked on over 250 pieces. There are a number of white watercolor mixing dishes on this table.


Introducing Muggmaker

This post has been a long time coming! In fact, part of the reason I have been neglecting this fine website has been to focus on finishing the project about which I write.
I’m proud to announce the release of Muggmaker. I have been working on Muggmaker for over two years on and off. It started as a little Flash file in my “flash lab” folder on my computer and has grown into something much bigger.

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Two Fireworks

This photo is from a series of firework photographs. I took all the pictures close to the ground as the shells burst out of the mortar tubes, or like this one, as they’re shooting skyward.