Shrek Blows

I have gone on many a long-winded rant as to why I think the Shrek films blow. This is my opportunity to put it all down in one place, succinctly, with visual aides.

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Work in progress


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This is a detail of a piece I am working on for my new postcard. I am really enjoying doing all the values, and I can’t wait to get into the color. Doing it all in Photoshop, using custom brushes. This is the second version of this, as I needed to redraw the people to look more like my characters…


Robot love story

This is an audio-visual representation of a sad yet all too common story: A robot that falls in love with the sea, only to have the high salt-content of the water render it a hopeless reverie. The shark-tooth punctures to it’s exo-skeleton does not help the matter much either. Audio by James Antonson.


Sci-Fi movie

Another little movie here mixing more super-cool music by James Antonson and some photos I’ve taken. This one has sort of a Sci-Fi theme (I’d had a star-warsy scrawl at the end but it needed to be removed as the humor had waned). These are good warms up for the next looming (and frightening) Delroy Owens Poet Engineers project.


Finn\’s spinning lights toy

This footage is from the camera feature on my Canon digital Elph. I quickly threw it together using a rad untitled song my brother James recorded.



Walked amongst the gates with agent J today.


Challenge of the Superfriends

The cable network Boomerang has recently been airing episodes of the show Challenenge of the Superfriends which originally aired in 1978-1979. I can still recall the anticipation I had on saturday morning as 7:30 approached and the best half hour of the week would ensue (and the feeling of despondency when all that goodness was over). The villians were so badass: Black Manta, Lex Luthor, Gorilla Grodd, Bizarro and the Priscilla Rich – The Cheetah! who I had an early crush on (see picture – hubba hubba). The plots of the episodes were completely far out as well. Seeing some of these episodes I realize now how influential they were to my young mind.