kon_pumpkin.jpgHappy Halloween!


Breakdown In Quaketown

This video is a prequel to “Bighead,” which you can watch here on Invisibleman. This was the original sketch, filmed in a day, and then packed away in a crate. I thought it would be fun to make this early version into a trailer. It was filmed in Pennsylvania around 1998 using a super 8 camera. Staring Stephen Antonson, Paul Clark, Marci Levine, Pauly the cat and myself.


Cabinet of Curiosities

Recently I caught the WunderKammer exhibit at MOMA here in New York. It’s akin to the chambre des merveilles or ‘cabinet of curiosities’ shows of 16th century Europe. It’s a good show and I was sort of taken with the whole idea of a collection of strange objects and specimens. I absent-mindedly doodled this cabinet in my sketchbook, then sketched out an old musty room for it to sit in and quickly finished up the color and such in photoshop.
Next I want to see what’s in the drawers.


“Along The Enchanted Way” Wrap around Book Jacket

I was given practically free reign to design a whole wrap around book jacket for a novel that documents the author’s travels around Romania and the gypsies that he meets. If you dream of never seeing cars and wish you could live without this thar internet thing, this book is for you!


Tiny Showcase

So I finally just met The Jon Keegan via this modern whizzy-do technology, which reminded me I’ve been neglecting said Invisible Man blog of late… So here’s an image for Tiny Showcase which was just released last night as a twee high quality 5″ x 5.45″ print on their website for only $20.00. It’s a limited edition of 100, and they’ve already sold 60 of them, so if you want one, better head over there quick-like. For those unfamiliar with Tiny Showcase, they’re super, and $250 from the sale of this artwork will be donated to the UK National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society. See? Super.


The Web Designer’s Idea Book

I just got my copy of Patrick McNeil’s excellent new book The Web Designer’s Idea Book. Patrick runs designmeltdown.com which if you haven’t checked it out is a deep, rich vein of design ideas from websites around the world. Patrick has categorized hundreds of sites based on theme, style and function on his site, which he has translated into print for his book.
I am lucky enough to have a screenshot of my humble, aging portfolio website jonkeegan.com featured on page 36 (itty-bitty, tucked away into the corner).
Thanks Patrick for including my site in your book, and for creating such an excellent design resource!

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netconnect cover illo

Here’s an illustration I recently completed for the cover of Library Journal’s “netconnect” magazine. The issue discussed how libraries are taking advantage of the latest in mobile technology to extend their resources and services to their visitors. Art direction by Irving Cumberbatch (who handily wins in the “Best Sounding Name – Art Director” category).

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Economic Surgery

With the nervewracking state of the economy as of late, I was hesitant to go too overboard with this month’s WSJ Economic forecast. I’d already done the whirlpool of doom a few months ago, so it felt right to show Hank and Ben working to fix the dire situation. By the way, that’s the fed rate that Dr. Bernanke is about to snip.


Paul Antonson With Wig

This painting was lost for a few years. Not any more. It’s 12″x17″ Oil on board.


Drawing of a Joel Shapiro sculpture

Multiple views of Joel Shaprio’s sculpture ‘Untitled’ drawn in the sketchbook and tweaked a bit in photoshop. I like the AT-AT Walker-like feel to the overall sketch.