Merge 360 Holiday Show

This holiday season I have been selected to take part in the New York Academy of Art
Alumni Association
Holiday 2007 Exhibition. The small painting above, along with another, will be on display at Merge 360 through December 23rd.


Blackberry (and iPhone) Etiquette

The timing of this illustration was uncanny. This fun story story was about Blackberry etiquette, for Las Vegas Life magazine. I had just become a proud iPhone owner a few days before receiving the job, and I was very much under the influence of the glowing little computer in my pocket. Having never had any kind of Blackberry-like device, it took a little getting used to the idea that I was so connected all of a sudden. As chance would have it, I received the email for this job on my shiny new gadget, and was able to reply and accept the assignment immediately. This was all while stuck in traffic on the F.D.R. (though I suppose this is a violation not just of etiquette but several laws as well).
It’s fair to say I have been gushing about this thing for weeks now, but it’s worth noting that the iPhone isn’t just helpful in GETTING the jobs, but also in executing them. The camera makes quick reference shots very easy, and the screen is big enough to hold in your hand while you draw…much better than running over to the computer, importing the image, printing it out, etc. And having a hand-held Google image search in your hand is only a good thing for the busy illustrator! One of the first things I did was load up all of my illustrations form my website into the photo viewing app, and now I have a bright, crisp, flickable, pinchable, zoomable portfolio of my work with me wherever I go. Sweet!
Now if it only had a drawing program…
(Click on the image for a larger version)

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smile pretty misery

New artwork for a cd +booklet I am working on designing for the band “Smile Pretty Mysery”. Check em out. They are really good.
(To get the textures, I gouached some pieces of trace paper, cut them out into fun ‘lil shapes, scanned them in and placed them in my friend, illustrator CS3.)



For the music I used mainly the fragments themselves-bubble wrap, plastic bags, etc,- plus some traditional instruments.


Canadian Goose in Central Park

goose.jpgcaught that decisive moment of a goose bobbing down for food. the impression of its head has created a bowl shape in the water.


Images from Never Been

Here’s some sample crops taken from the giant image that’s going to form the main part of my show here in sunny Manchester.
I’m really hoping people are going to look at it and make up their own little stories about what the hell these characters are up to and how they relate to each other. Also, a lovely chap from the BBC interviewed me about the upcoming show last week, you can read it here..




This is Kinkaku-ji, otherwise known as The Golden Pavilion, in Kyoto, Japan.


Never Been

Hi, my name is Stuart Kolakovic and I’m a fledgling illustrator from the Midlands (home to Black Sabbath and industrial pollution) in the U.K. I’ve kindly been invited as a guest artist here on invisibleman for the next month, so I’m pretty stoked. This here is a flyer for my first solo show here in Manchester (home to The Smiths and industrial pollution) that opens this December. It’s getting pretty hectic so close to the opening, and I’m still doing work for it! The main “piece” for the exhibition is going to be one long drawing that wraps around the back wall of the gallery space- not a comic strip as such, more of a panoramic illustration of a year in the life of a fictional eastern european village set somewhere in the early 20th century. This is basically me being really self indulgent after doing one too many bland illustration jobs.


Bernanke the Boatswain

Third in a series of fed-chairman Ben Bernanke drawings for the Wall Street Journal Online. Below is one of the quick sketches which precede the final illo.


Let us make merry


Illustration for a holiday card