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yes. i’m still here… i’ve been busy freelancing, teaching and looking for studio space in philly. all quite time consuming. here’s an illo i just did for my own homework assignment (from the illustrator class i am teaching). each student got a month to design… and was to be inspired by its birthstone. november is kind of interesting, as it has two. citrine and topaz – depending on if you are modern or traditional… after much internal debate, i decided to go mod. and cute. (see the whole thing here)



This old coot is always talking about the terror in men-the terror to live, the terror to die. I asked him where all his evil comes from and he simply said “Deep in the earth.”
Happy Halloween and sorry about the nightmares.


Night of the Chupacabra

As Halloween nears we must all be vigilant against the horrible, fang-laden Chupacabra. Watch the Chup’s 3rd cousin the Werewolf cavort in this video by TV on the Radio (and my favorite tune of the year so far).


Nuclear Blast

Nuclear power seems to be spreading. This painting was hard to complete. I’ll probably destroy it for my own well being.


Plane Drawings from the U.S.A.F. Museum

This past week was my Dad’s 78th birthday. We met up in Columbus, OH and drove over to Dayton to visit the United States Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson Airforce Base. My Dad was a private pilot for many years, and had wanted to visit for a while. This place was incredible, with three gargantuan hangars spanning the mere 100 years of military aviation, from the first Wright Brothers’ planes purchased by the Army to the latest drones and stealth aircraft. It was a dizzying display of planes, and I was excited to draw them. I basically just focused on the silhouettes, not caring too much about detail. You can some photos of our trip here. If you are even near Dayton, check it out…It’s an amazing display.


Twelve Sketchbook Pages

Twelve recent pages from the sketchbook. Many of these drawings were culled from the subway as well as Tomkins Sq. Park. In non-illustrative news the new Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy album “The Letting Go” is really something… it comes highly recommended out the the InvisibleMan West Village Bureau.


Invisibleman T-Shirts for Sale

I’m happy to announce that our merch page is finally up and stocked with our first batch of Invisibleman T-shirts. They are printed on 100% cotton American Apparel tees. $15 a pop. You can pay securely with a debit or credit card via PayPal (which you don’t have to be signed up for).
The shirts are just the first items we’re offering, but we will be adding some limited edition books, prints and original artwork (as well as more shirts) in the near future.
LINK: the invisibleman MERCH page



Cats have been involuntarily involved in my art as long as I can remember.
Mysterious and loyal, they move complete but unsatisfied.



while procrastinating, i did some illustration friday sketches. this weeks topic is QUIET. i used watercolor to create the original drawings and then scanned, reordered and soup’d them up in pshop. i’m not sure how i feel about these… but i am posting as to relieve some “not posting in a while” guilt. it was fun to break out the winsor & newtons and my japanese waterbrush.