House and Garden Magazine

A full page illo for the “Menu” cookery section in UK’s House and Garden Magazine. I had to illustrate all the ingredients of one of the featured recipes.


Untitled (Ad)






Early Griffin screenprints

A whopping big 50cm by 70cm two colour screenprint that will was printed by the folks at up in Edinburgh, Scotland. The inspiration for the print came from an old etching I found of a Frenchdude, called Margat, in 1798, who rode his white stag, Coco, around in a hot air balloon! Bizarrio. You can buy a copy (on the hush-hush cheap) from my Etsy Store for $55.


Autonomads CD album cover

Album cover for the crustiest dub punk band based in Manchester, Autonomads.


LICHEN cover

The Comic book I’m (slowly) working on for Blankslate Books, finally has a name.


Postcard Jive

A collection of five postcards printed on 350gsm glossy card stock are available from my Etsy Shop for only $5. Bargain.
Don’t fear the Sabbath…


Michael Phelps



Uncle Sam

A recent illo for the Wall Street Journal economic forecast report, which is obviously not predicting a rosy scenario. Right after I finished the pencil drawing for this I came down with a stomach virus. It was a rough slog dragging myself back and forth from the couch to the computer trying to finish it in the few hours I had before it was due. All and all I was happy with the outcome.