Untitled (Ketchikan)

This painting was inspired by small mountain lakes in the Tongass National Forest, near Ketchikan, Alaska. Oil on Canvas, 40″x30″



…I think this one seems like a shrimp


Not-recent sketch


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Recent Sketches

A few recent pages from the sketchbook.





California 1


The BIG Push Ad

A full page advert for Document Skateboard magazine’s “Big Push” competition, this year in association with Sony Cybershot. I love it when I get the chance to do my own typography- there’s nothing worse than spending ages on an image only to see it destroyed by some clueless graphic designer a week later in print.


Long Island Birds In Decline

On Long Island, as in much of the country, birds once called common are engaged in an unsettling baffling vanishing act. Recently the National Audubon Society released a list, compiled from 40 years of data, of the top 20 common birds declining nationally. These 15 are no longer common on Long Island. Like the honey bees this past year, no one knows exactly why bird populations are declining. This is 18″x24″ black sand on canvas


Under the Influence of Roger DeMuth

Recently I was perusing the website of illustrator & mad-genius Roger DeMuth whom I was lucky enough to have as a professor at Syracuse University. There’s a great video interview of Roger on his site as well as a ton of his drawings, paintings, pop-ups, sketchbooks, boxes, plantlife etc and I immediately set about some creative output of my own. After I finished the drawing above it slowly dawned on me the DeMuthesque nature of what I’d done and I realized: I was under the influence of Roger.
I recall he gave me some of the best and most frank advice I ever received as I was preparing to graduate. He said “Paul… just go out there and fail.” Roger has graciously accepted our offer to do a bit of guest posting on InvisibleMan so you’ll see some of his amazing works here soon.


Horton Point Light

Quick sketch of the Horton Point Lighthouse in Southold, Long Island.