Cathedral Lake

My wife and I hiked up to Cathedral Lake on July the 4th and I sketched this fallen tree. ┬áIt had very expressive branches. Cathedral Lake is nestled on one of Mt. Tallac’s arms in South Lake Tahoe.


Vacation Time Lapses

Shot this on my iPhone 4 while on vacation using the fantastic Reel Moments app. On my PHONE! Looks great full-screen in HD.

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Some footage I shot of these amazing jellyfish seen at the New England Aquarium. Needs a good soundtrack…


July 4th – Adirondacks

July 4th-  Adirondacks

Whoa. It’s certainly been a while. Eeegads…over a year! Well my excuse is now walking around our house jibber-jabbering and busy being ridiculously cute. Becoming Blake‘s Dad has drastically cut into my “project” time, but still, I should be ashamed. So here’s a little reminder that I do in fact still have sketchbooks with blank pages, a good mechanical pencil, and the will to use it if given the right amount of leisure time.

These are drawings of Little Moose Lake, up near Old Forge, NY. Beautiful part of this great state.

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