[…we put the “.as” in] Aspen Poster

(crops from the poster – click above to see full image)
i’m back. here’s a poster i created at anderson workshop. various (dynamic) flash components were used to create and distribute the top background patterns. i created a ton during this fun/intense week long workshop at anderson ranch.
(the type is backwards as when youre inside the ranch the type is cut out from the entrance sign and you can see the mountains through it. also, those birds are magpies. they’re fun looking. kind of like flying penguins.)


Shark Ad

As friends know I’m a bit of a shark enthusiast. The other evening I drew a variety of the shark-related objects I own – most of them of the rubber, squeaky-toy variety. That evening I dreamt of a decrepit old shark swimming about, covered in moss and plants (along the lines of a chia-pet). Anyway, I made a few color versions and ultimately created this image to use in this year’s Siren Music Festival guide.


as art

day 1. here i am in lovely aspen. here’s an image (still) from some randomly generated art (dynamically via action script) which i did today. the color palette resulted from this ink drawing/image (previously shown on invisibleman a few months ago) and then refined in photoshop.
PS i saw the milky way tonight. awesome. highly recommend it.


Piercing Gaze / Art Highlights

I had a nice art-filled weekend, despite the torrential rains. I logged some serious time welded to my drafting table just playing around with some different materials that I don’t often work with in my normal course of business. Really felt a nice loose freedom with a super-fat graphite pencil on vellum, which produced the above image, among many, many others…
Also, I saw some amazing art…

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The Warm Trailer

There’s a feeling of comfort and contempt in this image. Mainly because instead of thinking, most people are just rearranging their prejudices.


Pine Creek

After a great, steep hike down into the aforementioned Grand Canyon of PA I sketched these mossy banks of the Pine Creek.


Art Lodge Amongst Brothers

Last weekend my three older brothers, Stephen, Phil, James and I gathered at a cabin near the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania (I know, you’ve never heard of the place). It’s a beautiful, mountainous region where we fished, hiked and drew pictures. Before grilling up some tasty shish-ka-bobs we sat on the porch and each brother spent 4 minutes working on a drawing. After 4 minutes we’d pass around the art until everyone had worked on it. Its’s always a fun and fascinating experience doing art lodges and you can see some of our results above.



last week we rented/rode segways around fairmount park in philadelphia. this photo is me (+ my guy) on the top of the art museum stairs. seconds later both our friends wiped out… but overall, it was a blast. you do look kind of dorky, but you get lots of attention & i highly recommend it. lots of fun! 🙂 PS: we went with i glide tours


Bike Horns

This is an oil painting inspired from an advertisement. I was inspired by the complexity of chrome reflections and the humor in the sounds of those horns.


sketching people

it’s been too long since i’ve drawn. “the real world” has taken over. here are some peeps i drew last week. (click the image to enlarge.) since getting my mfa (yay!) a a few weeks ago, i am quickly learning action script as i am going to anderson ranch in colorado (near aspen) in less than 2 weeks for a joshua davis flash 8 workshop. hopefully i will make some kickin’ good art work to post upon my return from aspen (and san diego).
when i return i am planning to continue making books, work on my illustration portfolio (and make a regular habit of doing illustration friday each week), and begin to pay off grad school by freelance designing here in philadelphia… oh – hold on… i have a funny photo to post too…