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Been staring at this for a long, long time…Have you checked out Muggmaker yet?


more iPhone sketch movies

Here’s two more time-lapse sketches I created on my iPhone using the fabulous Brushes app. One more after the jump…

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Introducing Muggmaker

This post has been a long time coming! In fact, part of the reason I have been neglecting this fine website has been to focus on finishing the project about which I write.
I’m proud to announce the release of Muggmaker. I have been working on Muggmaker for over two years on and off. It started as a little Flash file in my “flash lab” folder on my computer and has grown into something much bigger.

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Moo business cards

I often find myself out and about without any of my promo postcards in my man-purse, so I decided to finally get some business cards made. I have been really fond of all that U.K. & Rhode Island based printing company Moo is doing in the print on-demand area, so I tried them out. For $22 (before shipping) I got 50 of these slick cards packed up tight in a downright Jobsian carrying case. The best part of their service is the image upload process. For your 50 cards, you can pick 50 images, so each card will be unique. You can also just pick a few images, and have them repeat. Their cropping interface is great (as some of you may know, I happen to know a thing or two about cropping), and you can rotate the images as well. Assembling the back is just as easy, with a very tasteful set of type and layouts to choose from, and the ability to add an image as well. Moo also has really cool sticker books, mini-cards, postcards and greeting cards you can make as well.
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Link: Moo business cards

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painting on the iPhone

In honor of the mindblowingly cool move The New Yorker made this week by running one of Jorge Colombo’s awesome iPhone paintings on this week’s cover, I decided to delve back into the Brushes app, which Jorge used to paint his cover illustration.
One of the coolest features of Brushes is the ability to download “.brushes” files from your iPhone via wifi and load them into the companion Brushes viewer program on the Mac. The .brushes file isn’t just a flat image, it’s a data ‘recording’ of all the strokes you made AND it’s resolution independent, so you can render the image out at up to 6x the iphone’s 480×320 resolution. And you can render out movies of your painting coming to life.
Jorge now has a regular weekly spot on The New Yorker’s website to post his Brushes movies. Pretty damn cool…
So here’s a movie of a painting I did of some bearded dude (sorta 300 Leonidas I suppose)..Enjoy!

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NYT Illo: On This Cooking Challenge, Reality Bites

Here’s an illo for The New York Times that I busted out last week for their Sunday regional section. Since I recently became a huge fan of “Top Chef”, I was excited to illustrate Jodi Rudoren’s fun essay on how there ought to be a “Home Cooks” edition of the popular cooking show. Quickfire and elimination challenges that would make the TV contestants wither go on every day in a house full of hungry family members. Note the Dad playing the part of the poor-man’s Tom Colicchio at the dinner table. Art direction by the always-pleasant Richard Weigand.
You can see more of my work for The New York Times here.

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Vote for our design at Spoonflower!

Spoonflower is a pretty amazing website / service that prints up custom made fabric from your designs (and for a very reasonable price). Earlier this year, Julie and I collaborated on a fabric design, using elements she drew for use on her re-designed website. I designed the pattern from the shapes, and took cues for the palette from her work.
Spoonflower has a cool weekly contest for the community, where they pick six designs that have been submitted and have an online vote open to the public to vote for the “Fabric of the Week”. Well this week, our design is in the running! We need your vote to win! You don’t need to register, just visit this link and vote for “Fortuna” by Jon Keegan & Julie Kirkpatrick.
Thanks for your support!

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Orange Coast Magazine: Teenage Drivers

A fun illo for Newport Beach, CA based Orange Coast Magazine about how parents are trying new tactics when teaching their teenagers to drive. Some methods include advanced driving courses and GPS trackers that keep tabs on the young driver’s speed and route driven. Art direction by Justin Long.

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New Year’s Eve over the years

Here’s an illustration for The New York Times Sunday regional editions. As another new year begins, a grandmother reflects upon her past New Year’s Eves and how they changed as her family grew. Art direction by the gracious Richard Weigand. Happy New Years everyone!

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Interview with Stuart Kolakovic (Audio)

You need the latest version of Flash to hear this audio clip.

I’m teaching my first illustration class at Pratt Institute’s Associate Degree Program this fall, and I’m having a fun time trying to get my students excited about the illustration biz.
One of the things I knew I wanted to do right away, was to arrange some video chat interviews with illustrators in their studios. Our own Stuart Kolakovic was my first willing guinea pig, and agreed to be interviewed over Skype.
I was able to record the audio of the interview on my iPhone, but I do apologize for the crummy quality. I cleaned it up some, so it’s decent enough to hear everything. Please ignore my honking guffaws, which are way too loud. I pledge to use higher production quality next time.
Thanks for helping me out Stu!

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