the fall of minus

here’s an acrylic painting on canvas that i did recently. i caked on the paint, gives the process more of an oil-paint feel.


Sketching in Church

I made these sketches during the Christmas Eve service at my Dad’s church. He’s delivered Christmas sermons there for twenty-two years and he’ll be retiring in January.
I’ve done a lot of sketching in church.


2007 calendars

they’re back again. the 2007 bzdesignstuff handmade mini pocket calendars. you can order via paypal or email me to order. colors are subject to availability… so please specify a first and second color choice. colors avaiable are: lt pink, dk pink, pale blue, cyan blue, purple, kraft brown and charcoal. happy holidays everybody! 🙂


Christmas Card

My mother “commissioned” me to paint something for the O’Neill family Christmas card. Her suggestion was a painting of some ornaments. I suggested one of a nutcracker. This is the image that resulted. As the card states, “May the joy of Christmas be with you throughout the New Year.”


007: bear vs bull

I just finished this for Barron’s Online for a package titled ‘007: The Year Ahead. You can almost imagine Richard Keil aka Jaws lurking in the background.


NYT: Stealing a Bike, Then Backpedaling

This article for The New York Times was about a family’s unusual encounter with a bike thief. The kid in the story had his bike stolen, and he had a prime suspect in mind. When the victim’s father showed up at the suspect’s house to confront his family with the accusation, they denied it, and the family was forced to give up (a similar thing happened to me as a kid!).
Amazingly, more than a year later, the suspected thief shows up at their door with an older man an envelope full of money, and the kid apologizes for stealing the bike. It’s a pretty awkward moment for both adults and certainly for the kids themselves. I felt this was a moment where both kids lose some degree of their innocence, and deal with some tough stuff for the first time.
You can see more of my work for The New York Times here.


Red Fox

I recently finished a series of northern animal paintings, all for Christmas presents.
Each are about 12″x16″ oil on board. People always say that it’s hard to make homemade gifts, and it is, I struggle alot with painting myself. But with persistance and a simple idea they are extraordinary and often more memorable.


Interview in Risen Magazine

The kind folks at Risen Magazine came across my work, and were nice enough to interview me about my work a few months ago for their November / December Issue. You can check out a PDF of the interview and spread below.
LINK: Jon Keegan Interview in Risen Magazine (PDF 1.2mb)
You can see more of my work at


Arches & Canyonlands

I totally forgot to do this post!
Back in October, Julie and I returned to one of our favorite places we have visited together, the mysterious and majestic state of Utah. Having visted Bryce and Zion a few years ago, we promised to return for Arches and Canyonlands. Utah has such raw natural beauty and varied terrain, it’s hard to believe it’s all in one state.
A big thanks to fellow invisibleman Jamie for the use of his amazing Nikon D70. An amazing piece of hardware…


Drawing from Google Earth

Above is a watercolor-pencil drawing done in my sketchbook of the Brandberg Massif; a fascinating circular monolith located in eastern Namibia. This Middle-earth like place is known for its ancient rock paintings such as The White Lady, which according to wikipedia is located deep within the mountain. I discovered this place while skiming above Google Earth and have recently realized what a treasure trove of reference material is located within that program. Stay tuned for more from other Invisiblemen/Invisiblewomen.
Download the Google Earth bookmark here: