Arctic chilling



Colour it in!

An image for the next issue of the Color Ink Book. And when I finished it, I just had to colour it in! That’s what it’s for… (to U.S. readers, “color” is spelt differently in the U.K.)


Número A

An image for “Número A”, a ‘zine printed in Argentina by “Dos Fuerzas”.


Miami Herald: Furniture Stores Feel Foreclosure Pain

This illo ran in this week’s Miami Herald on the cover of the Business Monday section. Apparently the usually brisk furniture market in Miami has been hit by the spate of home foreclosures, and is reeling from the downturn.
I always enjoy cramming a variety of colorful objects across a page. Art direction by Chris Melchiondo.
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White Birch – Crawford Notch, NH

Inspiration is everywhere.

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The Joyful Bewilderment screen prints for sale

The screen prints, especially made for the Joyful Bewilderment Show down at Rough Trade, London, are now for sale at my etsy shop. I’m so stoked how they came out; they look almost exactly as the original artwork (one of the few times in my life where I’m happy with the quality of the print!)- so big ups to Lovenskate Stu at Error Solutions for the amazing print job!
30cm x 40cm, high quality four colour, hand pulled screenprint on 300gsm Canford paper. A limited edition of 40 prints, signed and numbered.
Re: Joyful Bewilderment- It’s going to be the most rippingest exhibition, with some of the best illustrators and artists (a total of 120!) from around the world getting involved. Can’t wait to see it!!!


Goth Cruise

The art director at the Riverfront Times (Sarah Norwood) gave me this assignment last week and the brief I was given was ‘goth cruise’. That was all the information I wanted to know. My favorite detail is that the fellow in the lower right corner appears to be wearing a Dracula-style cape. Click on the image for a larger view.



From the sketchbook

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