I often find myself out and about without any of my promo postcards in my man-purse, so I decided to finally get some business cards made. I have been really fond of all that U.K. & Rhode Island based printing company Moo is doing in the print on-demand area, so I tried them out. For $22 (before shipping) I got 50 of these slick cards packed up tight in a downright Jobsian carrying case. The best part of their service is the image upload process. For your 50 cards, you can pick 50 images, so each card will be unique. You can also just pick a few images, and have them repeat. Their cropping interface is great (as some of you may know, I happen to know a thing or two about cropping), and you can rotate the images as well. Assembling the back is just as easy, with a very tasteful set of type and layouts to choose from, and the ability to add an image as well. Moo also has really cool sticker books, mini-cards, postcards and greeting cards you can make as well.
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Link: Moo business cards