Orange Coast Magazine: Teenage Drivers

A fun illo for Newport Beach, CA based Orange Coast Magazine about how parents are trying new tactics when teaching their teenagers to drive. Some methods include advanced driving courses and GPS trackers that keep tabs on the young driver’s speed and route driven. Art direction by Justin Long.

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Worst Case Scenarios for Time Out

I was psyched to get this super-fun job from Time Out Chicago to do a series of illos for their “Worst Case Scenarios” story in this week’s issue (Thanks Mike!). The editors came up with a list of harrowing situations, and asked various Chicago-based experts their advice on how to keep your cool and survive these stressful calamities. The scenarios I illustrated are: “ATM eats your card”, “Your car brakes fail”, “Your boss asks you to take a drug test”, “You lose your job”, “The condom broke”, “I got doored on my bike”, “My apartment was burgled” and “A bat was trapped in my house”. This is my first job for Time Out Chicago. Read on to see the full illos…

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