Economic Whirlpool

A recent illustration for regarding economists current view of our economic standing. I usually have around 24 hours to turn these illo’s around and in this case I wish I had a bit more time to work on the drawing.
Just found out that the great Arthur C. Clarke has passed away. This past fall I came across a dusty and yellowed pile of his books in The Stone Soup Bookstore of Camden Maine. I began to quickly digest his amazing stories and man were they in my wheelhouse. The Times has a great obit. I’d recommend Rendezvous with Rama, Childhood’s End or Against the Fall of Night if your interested in a bit of grand sci-fi.


Saint Patricks Day

This Celtic Cross was created some years back as a speculative Irish tourism poster. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


New website!

I have a fresh new website- go check it owt! There’s still a few little extras that need adding- including a microsite containing the whole nine meter plus of “Never Been” that’s in the pipeline…


Silhouette lab and custom brushes

While working on a recent illustration I started using the lasso tool in Photoshop to draw some quick and spontaneous character silhouettes, which I really enjoyed. I was playing around some more with that this week in the lab…Also playing with the custom brushes a bit.
After a chat with P.A. this week about custom brushes (typical graphics nerds that we are), and in the spirit of openness and sharing that has energized the online illustration community, I am giving away the farm and offering up my most frequently used custom brushes for anyone to download…these were exported from CS3, so hopefully you can use ’em…
Download: Keegan’s Custom Brush Collection #1

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Anteism road trip characters 2

Here are a couple characters for the Anteism road trip I whuped up. And a couple others.



I have just finished this acrylic paint. I really liked but unintentionally I did a “tear” on the canvas… =/


PH Lamp

Poul Henningsen, PH Lamp, 1927


The Guardain G2 Supplement

An image for an article about The National Survey of Health and Development that appeared in The Guardian here in the U.K. last week.


on percy street

so, i was leaving studio the other night, and while walking to my car, i noticed something strange hanging in the air…
(the photo somehow reminds me of ed ruscha… one of my favorite artists.) i’ve never lived in any place quite like philly!
ps: i got a lovely letter (email) from a gal in hong kong who was visiting the iman site and had such nice things to say. it’s feels good to receive mail like that. thanks hilda! 🙂


Ben Bernanke and the Googly-Eyed Congress

Recent illo for There’s something rather timid looking about that googly-eyed congress.