Well here’s the finished gazebo that my helper and I finished a few weeks ago. It’s made of Cedar, so it will last a long long time. We built the roof of Cedar too.
We made a couple of test arbors to figure out the joining of the logs and cut everything with a band saw. After awhile we were able to “guess” the angles and rough test fit the logs together. Then retrim the logs to fit.
In the spring, I plan to put the rest of the trees in and the vines on the arbors and trellises. My goal is to get the property to look more like a park. Besides, it’s a good hobby working in the fireswamp. I’m going to start work on large R.O.U.S.’s made out of topiary next. ( Rodents of unusual size.) Stay tuned.
This photo is made of 4 photos stitched together, then tone mapped in Photomatix.