Record Portrait


This is a portrait of my father, that I made with one of his old records and a drill. Yet another object that’s difficult to document. I’ll never learn.


Hobbits of Indonesia

This past weekend I created this illustration for The Riverfront Times of St. Louis. The paper was highlighting an upcoming lecture by one of the scientists who discovered a diminutive, fossilized skeleton in a cave on the Indonesian island of Flores which was dubbed ‘The Hobbit’. As for the scientist I was going for the academic version of Indiana Jones. This was a particularly fun job as I’m a bit of a Lord of the Rings nerd. Click the image to see a larger version.


Never Been Opening Night and Mini Comics

So the show, “Never Been” at Projekts MCR, is finally up, and the opening night was last Friday.

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College Collage

While digging out the Christmas decorations this year, I came across a collage series I made in college that illustrated three varied collections of poetry. Some of you Syracuse alums may recognize the assignment. Although I can’t recall the poem that was my inspiration, I still enjoy the images and am happy to share one of them with you now. Look for the remaining two in the series sometime in 2008!


Bearded Brute


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Forest Fire

deer-run.jpgwatercolor and graphic on paper


Clear Self Portrait


This is the final piece created from my previous silk screen studies. It’s a grid of 12 wide by 21 high by 6 squares deep.

It still has a few rough edges that need to be worked out. But mainly it’s finished.


Subway Riders

The easiest subway sketching situation tends to be when commuters are either sleeping or reading. The downside is that your sketchbook fills up with renderings of people with their eyes closed or at best, downcast. Though I find more often then not people get off the train before you complete a sketch and I’ve got many disembodied ears, eyeglasses and hands floating around the sketchbook to prove it.


Mini Comic on sale at “Never Been”

Less than four days before the opening of my show in Manchester and I’m still doing artwork- surely not a good sign. Luckily I’ve saved the fun stuff ’till last- another wee baby A6 full colour mini comic. This page here might look a bit different to the other work I’ve posted here on Invisibleman, but there’s a good reason for it; because the book is going to be printed so small, I have to make sure the images inside will be as clear and legible as possible. The story (again set somewhere in pre-WWII Yugoslavia) is about a little boy trying to convince his Dad to let him keep a Gosling he found in the wheat fields. The mini-comic is going to be dispensed from a home-made vending machine for £2, which providing I’m still alive, I’ll post some pics of next week.