I am long overdue for a post. This image was inspired by two things which I saw this week.
First, a CRAZY ice storm which occurred last weekend. We were in Harrisburg and everything was covered in ice. Each blade of grass was encapsulated. I took over 200 photos… I think my fiances parents must think I am crazy. I was standing under the berry trees, getting dripped on, but it was so beautiful to see.
Second, my friend Gab just bought a fabulously interesting historic house in PA. The house belonged to Horace Furness, brother of the architect Frank Furness. The house has the original library dated from 1890. I was hanging out on those stairs yesterday!
One of the rooms in the house also had this great patterned (and flocked) wallpaper which I of course had to photograph. And then play with in illustrator.
In an alternate world, I’d play guitar for the band “wallpaper ice storm.” I would rock.