Hi, my name is Stuart Kolakovic and I’m a fledgling illustrator from the Midlands (home to Black Sabbath and industrial pollution) in the U.K. I’ve kindly been invited as a guest artist here on invisibleman for the next month, so I’m pretty stoked. This here is a flyer for my first solo show here in Manchester (home to The Smiths and industrial pollution) that opens this December. It’s getting pretty hectic so close to the opening, and I’m still doing work for it! The main “piece” for the exhibition is going to be one long drawing that wraps around the back wall of the gallery space- not a comic strip as such, more of a panoramic illustration of a year in the life of a fictional eastern european village set somewhere in the early 20th century. This is basically me being really self indulgent after doing one too many bland illustration jobs.