i was long overdue for a new sketchbook, so last night i made this. ive been noticing and obsessing over clouds lately… my dad was a huge fan of them. he used to take rolls of film of them… so i guess this is a recent self-portrait in a way…
the bookcloth is from papersource. i really wish there were one of these in philly. the binding is a “4 needle coptic”. I’ve only done that once before, but i think the result is pretty nice and simple. the inside paper juts out from underneath the covers. i’m not sure if i like it, but i wanted to try it. (i usually like it on other books.)
the other bottom 2 photos show the rest of my sketchbook making “ritual.” i always create a notes/calendar section in the back and i always write the “d.o.b.” in the front. bookmaking is so rewarding.
ps stay tuned for > new studio < information. here's a peak at the new space that my friend brian and i will be sharing. it’s in this philadelphia landmark building. fun fun!!!