Last year, I worked on this illustration for a regional magazine which I was really happy with. Unfortunately, as often happens in the magazine world, the story got held and the art never ran.
I recently got the OK to use the art for my promo purposes since it was languishing in editorial limbo for so long, so I though I’d pub this step-by-step slideshow that I put together while working on the piece, but never posted.
My process has changed a bit since I did this piece (I now use a lightbox to transfer the sketch to real paper rather than vellum), but I still think it’s a good peek into my process. I’ll try to document some more of these in the future, as I loved reading Step-by-Step Graphics magazine, and I think the simple tutorial can by one of the great ways to learn.
You can see the full pictures here and see a nice large version of the art on my site here.