i’m taking an off loom fibers class at fleisher. it’s a great place to take classes (here in philly).
during the first class, i was given a bag of green handmade paper and some spanish moss to “make something with.” after a few failed ideas, i cut the index card sized pieces of paper in a swirl patterm to make a single long strip and i decided to knit with the pieces. (so the green you see is handmade paper.) I had been thinking of eggs (see my previous illo friday “rejection” post) and somehow ended up knitting a cozy shrug for an egg. I then decided to knit a mini scarf for the shrug using embroidery floss… i then filled it (nest-like) with the spanish moss. it fits in my hands rather nicely and i’m pleased with the result. (if i take the egg out i can also wear the knitted piece as a cuff bracelet.)
last week, we also learned how to make a basic coil basket. interesting stuff…