I had a nice art-filled weekend, despite the torrential rains. I logged some serious time welded to my drafting table just playing around with some different materials that I don’t often work with in my normal course of business. Really felt a nice loose freedom with a super-fat graphite pencil on vellum, which produced the above image, among many, many others…
Also, I saw some amazing art…

Lee Mullican
Magic Night, 1966

My wife Julie introduced me to the work of one of her idols, Lee Mullican (at NYU’s Grey Art Gallery). He had served as a Topologist in the Army, and aerial photography greatly inspired his amazing mystical paintings. See this show! There is so much of his work, and make sure you follow the exhibit downstairs, which has the above painting which will melt your rods and cones in short order.
Tom Burckhardt
FULL STOP, 2004-2005

We also visited the impressive Aldrich Museum in Ridgefield, CT for the first time. Tom Burckhardt’s “FULL STOP” is a fictional artist’s studio lovingly recreated object-by-object in cardboard and india ink. It’s a startling moment stepping into this space, and you feel a bit like you stepped into a cartoon.