Jazz and Sketch at the Society of Illustrators

It had been a while since my last figure drawing session and thus it was invigorating to draw and paint these images at the Society of Illustrator’s Jazz & Sketch this past tuesday. One fellow in front of me was drawing on butcher paper with charcoal and white pencil and I couldn’t believe how good he was… humbling.
The fellow on the right is an 89 year old illustrator who was also making some great sketches. I chatted with him briefly as we walked out and he told me how last winter he got a pair of the new fat ski’s and how they were really fast. He also lamented that he was just a bit too old to start snowboarding.


College Collage III

Last in my series of collages inspired by poetry. This one had something to do with jazz.
The other two can be seen here and here.



i scanned some sketches of shirts…


Female Chameleon

Hello,my name is Paulo Quirino, I’m from Brazil, and I’m the invisibleman guest this month.
This is the last illustration in a series of tree that I started a time ago (the other two illustrations are on my flickr).
Not only on this illustration but in all my works I always start without knowing what the drawing will be. I make some forms, put some colors; I make something completely abstract….After that I try to make something “real”.
In this drawing I did the eyes, a lot of strips, background, everything…After that I just choose the animal that could turn =)


Barry Bonds



Untitled (X-Ray)


Thse are two states of the same image. It is made up of three layers of screen printing on recycled jewel cases. The first picture was taken in the dark with the phosphorescent layer showing through. The second in the light. I’m not sure why I decided to use the ugliest picture I could find of myself, but there you have it.


Holiday Travels

I sketched my brother while we were lounging about our parent’s home in Pittsburgh a couple days before Christmas. A few days later my girlfriend Kristina and I headed to Utah for a week of snowboarding. While Solitude and Brighton were great mountains we were really taken by the Snowbird resort which you can see a few views of below. Everything I’d heard about Utah being the home of the lightest snow on earth was true.




I just started drawing in pencil again, after only using ink for years. It was pretty fun, and I was interested to see how it changed my process.


College Collage II

Second in my series of poetry inspired collages. The first collage can be seen here.