120 calendars

recently, i finished making 120 (phew!) custom mini-calendars for a california wedding. thanks invisibleman! (as i was found through here to get this fun project) and contratulations to the bride and groom. : )


It's OK in OB


Apparently, all I have to do is show up in California and the pictures just line up to be taken. I got lucky and snapped this one in Ocean Beach, San Diego, a few days ago.

I’m on my way to Alaska now. I hope to soon have more nature for you all.



A drawing from the sketchbook. Further analysis can be found here.

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Yearning for Snow

Lately my thoughts and daydreams have been dominated by snowy hillsides and sliding down them on a snowboard. This has been a bit excruciating since we’re here in dog days of summer. I took these photos above while riding at Montana’s Big Mountain with my pal Paul Clark (aka Blixie). I hope it snows soon.



Working to generate thumbnails of all the posts…this is a screengrab of the first experimental batch out of the script…Looking forward to playing with these…


Sea-horse & unicorn


Doodling in notorious cursed sketchbook I only ever use at work…


Potential Patagonia

Several recent photographs in the New York Times truly entranced me. For some time now I have been thinking about creating some paintings that are more pattern oriented than usual. Something similar to the White Mountain Blues painting but perhaps even more abstract. These small casein sketches are my first step in that direction. Thanks to Kevin Moloney for the inspirational photographs.


Images of Watch Hill

Here are some images from when Paul, Kerry and I camped out at Watch Hill on the Fire Island National Seashore a few weeks ago. It’s an incredible stretch of nature, and refreshingly isolated from the more popular beaches on the western end of the island. There were close encounters with a huge snake (a Black Racer), countless nocturnal toads, rabbits and of course, the voracious mosquitoes. We managed to beat the odds on the gloomy weather forecast, and were able to do some painting (see my landscape above), drawing and night photography.
See more pictures on Flickr here and here


Characters for Anteism roadtrip project

Astro-Gato and Sharky McBeast are two of the six characters I drew for the rad folks at Anteism and their iMyGrate project. For this project Ryan Thompson and friends put out a call for character submissions and are now in the midst of a roadtrip from the Pacific to the Atlantic dispursing these characters along the way. They’re going to track the character’s destinations and are hoping some will migrate their ways back to their home base of Pender Island B.C. Good luck Astro-Gato and Sharky McBeast, I hope you make some friends along the way.


Drawing from Google Earth: Chile

Some of the lakes and mountains of southern Chile sketched from Google Earth.