Posted by: kerry (81 posts)
September 21, 200712:00 AM

This is a casein sketch of another potential painting based on a photograph taken by Jen Judge and torn from Outside magazine. My intention with this image along with the ones from a previous post is to eventually lose recognition of the source image, creating a final image that is more abstract and pattern oriented. Inspiration for this experiment can be found in the images of Shawn Dulaney or Kevin Kearns.

Currently I have three of these images down on oil primed wood panels. Once their under layers are dry I intend on going at them with sandpaper, glazes, scumbles, whatever seems interesting. Results may vary.

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I really think there's something nice about these studies you are doing...they stand on their own. They are gutsy and bold...I'd love to see some more of these. I think they are really strong.


Can't wait to see where you take these man! I say go at them with whatever you got and just have some fun!


awesome. love it. very milton avery.

i don't see this as a "potential". it's a painting too and a great one. don't touch it.

i agree w/ Jon + Kurt! great painting, Kerry! its beautiful, and reminds me of avery as well as emile nolde

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