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Posted by: bz (54 posts)
May 6, 200611:17 AM


film stills from a the 2 minute feature film "looking at me looking" which i may eventually post somewhere...

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Posted by: keegan (155 posts)
May 24, 2005 9:34 PM

Click to see the images...

Well I have been re-watching all of the Star Wars films in the lead-up to Return of the Sith (which I have now seen twice...goes without saying-I totally loved it), and I was struck by the sheer number of limbs that are cut off in the whole saga. Here is a visual audit of the best instances of severed limbs I could find...severed by lightsaber (or other means) in the pre-Sith saga (though I will need to update this after Sith comes out on DVD). Also, I was left with the nagging question: why, out of all the Jedi we see in the early films, are there none with limbs missing? I suppose that they would merely have robotic prostheses, ala Anakin and Luke. Though it would be cool to see some stumps, with all those lightsabers flying around...Seems that lightsabers cauterize the wounds, though I guess that wasn't the case with the Walrus-man's arm...

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Posted by: kerry (81 posts)
April 5, 2005 6:48 PM

Now that "Sin City" is finally in cinemas nationwide, we need another comic to nervously await adaption to the big screen. I offer "Art School Confidential" to be directed by Terry Zwigoff based on Dan Clowes' comic "Eightball." The film comes out in September.


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Posted by: keegan (155 posts)
February 22, 200510:11 PM


I have gone on many a long-winded rant as to why I think the Shrek films blow. This is my opportunity to put it all down in one place, succinctly, with visual aides.

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