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Posted by: pa (190 posts)
January 30, 201010:09 PM



I've done some sketching around town during this break in the storms that have been pummeling California these past couple weeks (El Niño I salute you). The top sketch was done on the patio of Old Soul here in Midtown Sac and the second sketch was drawn in the Leland Stanford Park which surrounds the Capitol building and has a wide array of cool trees.

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Posted by: pa (190 posts)
January 26, 201012:08 AM

Just sent this image off to Modern Postcard to have a batch of 5x7's printed up. Been toiling away on this illo the last few weeks and I'm pretty happy with the final result. Lately I've made an efffort at getting my portfolio more geared towards the children's illustration market and I wanted to push this one further than I usually go. Thanks to InvisibleMan Keegan for some great suggestions and prodding.

And while the resemblance is not striking I did base the cat off of Maru. Click on the image to view larger.

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Posted by: bz (54 posts)
January 15, 201012:06 PM

hi! it's me again! Having a 9.5 month old certainly keeps me busy (in a great way!!) But i have begun to emerge from my shell and create some artwork again. (And... I am soon am taking an illustration class, taught by tim gough at uarts, and hopefully i will be making some great new work in the not-to-distant future!)

In the meantime, i have begun to design baby shower and wedding invitations for the two very popular websites tiny prints and wedding paper divas. The baby shower invitations are selling very well, and some wedding invitations just went up this week. (You can see the wedding designs on my website blog, here.)


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Posted by: pa (190 posts)
January 14, 2010 9:22 PM


Some new characters for this year's Wall Street Journal college bowl game rundown. We went the throwback theme of electronic football for the animation this year which was a fun way to go. And you can't go wrong illustrating a horned-toad either.

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