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September 25, 2007 9:13 PM


This is a quick study I did for a larger piece. It is silk screen on mulitple layers of jewel cases. The dark parts are clear with the wall showing through and the light parts are opaque white. Truly a difficult thing to document. Click on the image to see multiple angles.

I guess, unconsciously, I was trying to land somewhere between the photographic portraits of Rodin and the imagery of Jamie Reid. And no, I'm not Jo Jo, the dog faced boy. But at one point, I had a rather large beard.

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That is amazing...what a cool idea. I have to see this thing in real life...You are a fountain of cool projects lately! Kudos!

i'm really into the multiple reads (and layers!) in this piece. a certain symmetry develops between the image of an avant-garde 19thcen French artist/ intellectual and an iconic representation of a 70's punk artist.

also, there's something really haunting about this. like in the hologram, you've produced a 3D(ish) self-portrait, just a little larger than life-size. its really powerful to think about who you are at the time the photo of you is taken, and what changes about your face, and what is inherently, always you. and when viewed from different angles, i can see your father's face.

jojo, again...totally fucking awesome.

Looking at this more, it looks like an old daguerreotype or silver plate cool..

this would be cool to try on clear glass block. maybe as a room divider? or maybe silkscreen on the front of a mirror, kind of like jon's dagurreotype comment.

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