Posted by: paulo (32 posts)
February 4, 2008 2:14 PM


The title of this illustration is in portuguese because it is an expression that loses all the sense if I translate, but literally means "the casings heart."

. . .

I always tried to create some abstract illustration ... but I never came to a satisfactory result. In these last days I started to read a book about Gustav Klimt works. This illustration is a reference of his paintings.

I hope that here for a while I start to release my works without a tablet and do more things with acrylic and oil... I hope that until the end of this year I already have some paintings =)

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Paulo, PLEASE write about your process...I think these have a very organic feel to them...I'd love to buy a print of this. The page looks so great with your art on it...Kudos!

Ahh... I do see some references to Klimt's art. The coloured "mosaic" especially. Great work!

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