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October 30, 2005 7:25 PM

Just finished this image, which will be my new promo postcard. This image is somewhat inspired by my gadget-filled life, and I often marvel at how people use and interact with their array of gadgets. I try as hard as I can to keep things simple and accessible on the gadget front, yet some people I see on the street do come close to this kind of bandolier of technology. I look forward to the day when I can have some little media brick sitting in my bag wirelessly transmitting my music to my ears, no wires please.

I'm getting 3,000 cards printed up at Modern Postcard, using 2,185 contacts from my Adbase mailing list (focusing on magazines / newspapers, book publishers and graphic design houses all over the country). Works out to about $.31 cents per card, which is a very good deal, though not always easy to lay out the cash for. But you gotta spend money to make money...

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Poignant. I love it. I'll be like him soon, I hope.

wow.. this is hillarious, and wonderful! I came across this site looking for Invisible Man the novel by Ellison, by accident.. so thinking about the book and your art makes me think does technology make us (or people around us) invisible? Is this like the modern invisible man?
Thanks... I love it! Good luck with the cards... if you have an extra, send one my way!

Fantastic painting! And perfect geeky gadget guy! Love all this glowing screens and expression that says, "Yes, I have it all, know it all, and am better than you."

I love this image! Oh, and ditto the wireless dream. Someday...


wow! incredible!

nice! I love it!

Simply great! Keep it up!

great work! I love the dramatic contrast of the character against the background

Has this guy seen the website? He really needs a pair of great pockets for all his gadgets. I really like the glow on all these items. Awesome!

Fantastic. You've truly impressed me with your illustrations and creativity. You use of warm and cool light is very nice. Well done.

that's an awesome image, very nice work...although i'm surprised modern postcards costs as much as you've said, you can get 3000 postcards from for roughly $100 with shipping

I was just wondering that i would see some magic as your site namesd invisible man but when i rad your whole stuff i came to know that how knowledge makes other people visible infront of the world as the said by the poet that"Knowledge is the key of succcess"........

This is so nice

I personally love the bag strap made out of gadgets. This is a perfect attribute to an already perfect illustration.

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