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January 20, 200610:30 PM

Whoa. PA and I walked out of the Pixar exhibit at MoMa today (Thanks Susannah!) fully humbled, delighted and inspired. There was so much to take in...I'm at a bit of a loss. All I can say is MAKE SURE YOU SEE THIS SHOW! It goes untill Feb. 6, so you still have some time to catch it.

Some of the highlights: The gorgeous, glowing pastels by Dominique Louis; Lou Romano's unbelievably luminous / slick / tight gouache paintings; the flawless grey resin macquettes of all your favorite Pixar charcters (especially Violet and Mr. Incredible's different expressions)....and then there's the zoetrope.

There aren't many words that I could use to convey to you the sheer delightful joy you will experience when you lay your eyes on the spectacular Pixar 3D zoetrope. Once it starts to spin, and the strobes turn on, you will giggle with joy and you won't believe your eyes. It is a miracle of illusion, motion and animation. Possibly the highlight of the show. Go now. And by all means get there early. This show gets mobbed and you should really see this with as small a crowd as possible.

Pix by : mnemo, fudj and hseikaly .

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?? corpo-conspiracy theory ?? : bc disney + pixar were probably already on the outs when this got setup (but now they're all up in each others hoo-ha's), ya think that's why there wasnt so much promotion for this show? i mean, i can't remember ever seeing one poster in the subterranean metro.

Hey, I just thought you might be interested in knowing that the Pixar zoetrope is on what I believe is permanent display at the California Adventure animation exhibition hall. I got to see it tonight and it really is everything you say!

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