Some of the greats which came to my attention last year – starting with 3 great albums:
Matisyahu: Live at Stubb’s– This hasidic reggae/dancehall artist from Crown Heights is no novelty act. This live album showcases his powerful backing band and a rapid-fire yet soulful voice.
Oranger: New Comes and Goes– Strong 4th album from this Californian outfit … Radio Wave has been one of my favorite songs of this past year.
Dungen: Ta Det Lugnt– Swedish Psych/Folk/Rock which sounds like it was pryed from an early seventies time capsule. Brother J and I caught them at the Bowery Ballroom and they were damn impressive.
Orson’s Shadow– A play showing at the Barrow St. Theater in Greenwich Village. A great true story about the dueling egos of Orson Wells and Lawrence Olivier.
Good Night Good Luck– David Strathairn puts in an incredible performance in this important film.
Cloud Atlas– As Keegan and Kerry could attest – an engrossing, genre-jumping novel.
Superman The Movie– My favorite rediscovered movie of the past year.

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